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Why You Need Oversized Victorian Sleeves in Your Wardrobe

Here are the reasons you have to invest in oversized Victorian sleeves that instantly give you a pretty and feminine look, like a princess in your favorite fairy tale.

The fashion trends have changed, again, without you even realizing it. If you are as excited as everyone else to dive into the new trends, you should already know that one trend from the glory of the 18th century is having a comeback: the oversized Victorian sleeves. If you still doubt investing in your new collection, find out their beauty below and how to style with these Victorian sleeves in ease.

They are Versatile

Its oversized shape makes your waist look slimmer, also adds an instantly soft and feminine touch to your overall look. The best thing about Victorian sleeves is they come in a myriad of styles: from a pretty dress to a beautiful shirt that can easily be paired with any style of bottom wear.

No doubt this oversized Victorian satin sleeve dress looks luxurious when worn at night. The appearance will be more perfect when combined with a hat and gold belt at the waist. Satin dress for oversized Victorian sleeve from crfashionbook.
The tulle dress which was completed with a touch of glitter made her appear more glamorous. You can use Victorian sleeves and tassel accents on the neck for a more perfect idea. Glitter tulle dress from crfashionbook.
Combine several different motifs on your display to make it look busier and more passionate. This print zebra blouse with Victorian sleeves is one of the most luxurious top ideas. You can choose boots with leopard pattern fur. Print zebra blouse with Victorian sleeves from crfashionbook.
The combination of feather and lace in this maxi dress makes your appearance even more luxurious and glamorous. These puffy sleeves give an instant different and beautiful style. Feather puffy sleeves from crfashionbook.
This mini dress with floral motifs and polka dots gives a different look. This dress is completed with a Victorian sleeve style, you can pair it with shiny black leather legging. Victorian sleeve dress with shiny black leather legging from crfashionbook.
There’s nothing wrong with wearing a plain puffy sleeve shirt with long blue jeans, this outfit idea will comfortably and perfectly accompany your walk. Sunglasses are one of the beautiful accessories. Plain puffy sleeve shirt with long blue jeans from fmag.

Casual Look

Work with long or short sleeves, get a casual yet stunning look by pairing them with jeans. Try a plain shirt, floral embroidered jeans, and a pair of boots to add more drama to your outfit.

The oversized Victorian sleeve on a plain black shirt will be one of the trendy top outfits this year. For a casual idea, you just need to combine it with long boy friend jeans. Oversized Victorian sleeve for plain black shirt from refinery29.
Cover your white Victorian sleeve shirt with a matching color turtleneck. Ripped jeans and pointed boots bring your style more cool and memorable. Add a leather bag and sunglasses for matching accessories. White Victorian sleeve shirt layered with turtleneck from whowhatwear.
There is no need to use more than two different colors in the clothes you wear to give a simple impression. A cotton blouse with puffy sleeves will attract more attention when paired with light blue jeans pants. Cotton blouse with puffy sleeves from styleoholic.
This Victorian sleeve in the V-neck blouse style is one of the most suitable casual wear for casual events. You can choose a striped motif on the blouse to make it look more attractive. Victorian sleeve in the V-neck blouse from styleoholic.
This blouse model looks comfortable and more relaxed when used. This blouse has transparent Victorian oversized sleeves, white color will be easier to match with any underneath. Transparent Victorian oversized sleeves for white blouse from styleoholic.
White blouse can be used as an option to look elegant. You can add transparent polka dot accents to the Victorian sleeves to add a luxurious impression. Transparent polka dot accents to the Victorian sleeves from styleoholic.
If you want to look more fashionable and cool, then try cropping a puffy sleeve blouse with high waist jeans pants. This white blouse can be mixed and matched with all kinds of subordinate clothes. Crop puffy sleeve blouse with high waist jeans pants from styleoholic.

They are Fresh and Vibrant

Oversized Victorian sleeves come with fresh and vibrant colors and prints. To pump the 70’s vibe, opt for a floral bell-sleeve blouse, dress it up with comfortable jeans, soft color heels, and matching accessories.

Pair a large, bright floral blouse with the blue jeans you have in your closet. To be more casual you can wear suede wedges in brown. Large bell sleeves floral blouse from styleoholic.
Wear this floral blouse for casual outfit ideas, you can pair it with plain underclothes. This blouse style is completed with one shoulder and wide bell sleeve. Wide bell sleeve floral blouse from herstylecode.
In order for your appearance to be more trendy and beautiful this year, then you can use a white floral blouse accented with tiered bell sleeves. Add straw hat accessories to protect you from the sun. White floral blouse with tiered bell sleeves from bondgirlglam.
Still with the same nuance, this time the floral pattern is a pink blouse with long bell sleeves. Give it a different color touch with a glamorous pencil jeans and leather bag. Long bell sleeves floral blouse from theteacherdiva.
You can wear a fresh and feminine look at the same time by combining a floral blouse that has a dominant green color. This wide bell sleeves provides freedom when you move. Green floral blouse with wide bell sleeves from mrscasual.

A Statement Piece

A simple black plain top with exaggerated sleeves is sufficient to be a statement piece. For a more stylish and comfortable style for an evening out, wear it with your favorite skinny jeans and some eye-catching accessories.

Black and white are a beautiful color combination when worn in street style. A blouse top with puffy sleeves will be perfect when paired with long white jeans. Black blouse with puffy sleeves from theclassicmadison.
Match the blouse color with the heels that you wear at the same time. Pencil jeans make you look slimmer and taller, you can imitate this fashion easily. Match blouse color with heels from busbeestyle.
Choose a plain black blouse with puffy short sleeves to show a feminine and casual impression. Leather wedges in combination with long pencil jeans make a beautiful blend without being overwhelming. Plain black blouse with puffy short sleeves from lefashion.
The puff sleeve accent with the V-neck blouse style to make your appearance more appeal. High waist jeans that are equipped with a black leather belt make you feel more comfortable when worn. V-neck blouse with puff sleeve from theclassicmadison.
A plain black blouse with two different materials makes your appearance more charming, choose tulle for the puffy sleeve idea to make it look more transparent. Blue jeans pants are a flexible bottom garment. Tulle puffy sleeves for plain blouse from silkfred.
If you are bored with a plain black blouse, then adding a polka dot motif on the puffy sleeve is a smart idea that you can try. This blouse is completed with high neck style. Polka dot puffy sleeves from silkfred.
Not only using short sleeves, instead of using three and a quarter sleeves with a transparent material that adds to the impression of appeal to the plain black blouse you are wearing. You can try it with blue jeans. Transparent quarter sleeves for plain black blouse from silkfred.

At first glance, they look difficult to mix and match, and you may be afraid to pair them with a random outfit. But chances are they’ll fit whatever outfit you choose. Simply adjust the tone of your oversized Victorian sleeves to suit each season: opt for lighter colors for summer, soft colors in spring, warm colors when autumn and neutral colors to wear during year-round.

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