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25 Dress Classy for a Perfect Sophisticated Look

Have your best look to any occasion is essential. These inspirations of dress classy will help you nailing your best fashion to keep you stylish and confident.

When attending a formal occasion, choosing the right outfit is a must. You do not want to embarrass yourself by dressing carelessly. That is why you need to consider having your best look to create a good impression. To look elegant and sophisticated, dress classy is essential. Here are some inspirations for you to nail your style with high fashion.

Leather Skirt

A leather fabric can always bring the fancy and expensive look to any outfit. Wearing it as a skirt will flaunt your bold and feminine self and is perfect for any formal event. Furthermore, its unique texture adds a remarkable look to your appearance.

This all-black outfit is suitable for those of you who want to appear more minimalist, wear pumps with brighter colors like beige. The shiny black leather skirt is one of the classy undershirts. Shiny black leather skirt from glossyu.
The combination of green leather skirt with a colorful blazer is a classy outfit for your street style. You can wear a blazer with a woolen material to keep it cool in a crowd of people. Green leather skirt with pattern wool blazer from glossyu.
Wear black leather for the idea of slit mini skirt and high heels that you wear. Sweaters are suitable for use during casual and formal events. A suede purse adds glamor to your outfit ideas. Black leather mini skirt and high heels from glossyu.
Pair the leather pencil mini skirt with a V-neck blouse made of knit material to add a warm impression. Strappy high heels are footwear that gives an elegant and classy impression. Leather pencil mini skirt from glossyu.

Sheer Blouse

Its design has a very trendy and sophisticated style that gives your whole outfit red-carpet worthy. For the inner, you can wear a plain tank top or tube top. With a sheer blouse, you can show off your sexiness in the most elegant and graceful way.

Choose and wear a blouse with transparent lace material. You can combine it with a ripped jeans pencil that can perfectly shape your curves. You can try out these outfit ideas when you want to look classier. Transparent lace blouse from stylecraze.
Sheer blouse lined with inner V-neck tank top is a top outfit idea that makes you look more feminine. You can pair it with washed jeans and a long wool cardigan. Sheer blouse combined with inner V-neck tank top from stylecraze.
Long sleeved blouse made of sheer fabric accented with glitter adds a classy impression when worn. You can wear black cotton top pliers for a matching and matching inner idea. Waist jeans make the pants fit. Long sleeved sheer blouse with glitter accent from stylecraze.
If you want to wear waist pants, the appropriate and suitable top is a transparent lace blouse with a matching white tank top. Glasses are an accessory idea that you can wear simultaneously. Transparent lace blouse with a matching white tank top from stylecraze.
If you are bored with plain sheer fabrics, instead of wearing a sheer blouse with polka dot accents. To make it more closed, you can wear a dark inner tang top with jeans pants. Sheer polka dot blouse from stylecraze.

Peplum Dress

The fit body design of the peplum dress will surely embrace the illusion of your perfect figure. It gives your top part of your body an excellent proportion that makes you look way neater. This dress is one of the most popular attire that often used for many events.

To accentuate your appearance when you are outside, then you can wear a mini peplum dress with a neon color. The leopard print wallet gives a different color and pattern to your appearance. Mini neon peplum dress from fustany.
Give peplum accents on the sleeves and waist of your black dress. Peplum on the waist makes you appear more feminine and look slimmer. Sunglasses and purple suede purse make a classy addition. Peplum accent on sleeves an waist dress from fustany.
Satin is one of the materials of choice for a luxurious and elegant dress. You can make strapless mini dress with a bold color, dark purple. Add the lace fabric in the peplum. Strapless peplum mini dress from weddingomania.
Not only wearing a mini peplum dress, but you can also try it with a maxi style. Make the bottom skirt wider to make it easier for you to move. Peplum on the waist makes you look more feminine. Maxi peplum dress from weddingomania.

Sheath Dress

The design of this dress is a fitted and straight cut that is often nipped at the waistline. It looks best with an hourglass body shape so it will be more flattering. With a simple design, you will dress classy and look super fancy for your occasion.

For formal and classy clothes, you can wear a striped sheath dress. Complete with a small belt for your look that is slimmer and less boring. Striped sheath dress with small belt from fmag.
The black leather sheath dress gave off an adorable impression. You can simply layer it with oversized blazer and suede heels to create a classy look. Black leather sheath dress from fmag.
So that your appearance doesn’t look monotonous, then lining a plaid shirt with a black sleeveless dress is a clothing idea that you can try. You can wear patterned stockings too so that your appearance is not too revealing. Lining a plaid shirt with a black sleeveless dress from fmag.
This black glitter sleeveless dress adds extra elegance to your look. Leather pumps are the recommended choice because they are the safest and most comfortable. Black glitter sleeveless dress from fmag.

Trench Coat

When it comes to business wardrobe, a trench coat should be on your list. Especially on a cold or rainy day, you will always look exquisitely stylish with it. The versatility of this item is what makes a lot of people love to wear it.

Beige trench coat is a great outerwear idea that matches with a plain white shirt and pencil jeans. The trench coat also keeps your body feeling warmer in winter. Beige trench coat from outfitideashq.
If you want to look classy, the sleek trench coat with slit skirt is a perfect match for your street style. White turtleneck and boots are an idea that warms the wearer. Sleek trench coat from outfitideashq.
Wear a trench coat and mini skirt in matching colors to match the tone of the outfit that is elegant and minimal. Knee length suede boots are warm and comfortable footwear choices. You can try this style when winter arrives. Trench coat and mini skirt in matching colors from outfitideashq.
Make your appearance more elegant and feminine with a floral blouse combined with a neutral trench coat. Orange pants make your style stand out more colorful. Neutral trench coat with floral blouse from outfitideashq.

Cape Blazer

To complete your outfit, put a cape blazer on as your outerwear to give a more elegant and chicer look. The design is timeless, and you can always wear it in any formal or semi-formal occasion. It manages you always feel comfortable because it is light in weight and conveniently hanging on your body.

Black and white in your clothes give a casual monochromatic impression, you can wear a black cape blazer with a white crop blouse. The leopard handbag provides classy colors and patterns. Black cape blazer from justtrendygirls.
When you decide on a polyester cape blazer as outerwear, then choose long-sleeved cuffs with neutral colors as a comfortable inner one. No need to add too many accessories so it doesn’t look tacky. Outwear polyester cape blazer from justtrendygirls.
Peach is one of the colors that makes women’s casual styles look more feminine. You can choose a long cape peach blazer which is paired with sleek pants and open pumps. Long cape peach blazer from justtrendygirls.
The combination of brown and black in a classy outfit idea is very suitable and you can imitate it. Add a gold logo on top of the cape blazer to make it look more luxurious, for the inner and the pants you can choose with a dark color. Gold logo cape blazer from justtrendygirls.

Dress classy and rock your most sophisticated look with those trendy and stylish pieces of your wardrobe items.

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