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25 Tips for a Casual Style Inspiration

Your simple wardrobe items can turn into a high fashion look only if you do it right. Follow these casual style inspiration tips for the best outfit of the day.

Having a day out on the weekend with friends is always fun. It is the only time you can spend your day without worrying about work or school. It will be more enjoyable if you can casually rock a stylish outfit to match the occasion. Your outfit of the day will bring such a different mood and atmosphere throughout the day, that is why it is essential—these tips of casual style inspiration level up your daily fashion.

Casual, but Do Not Be Lazy

Casual is indeed all about simplicity and a relaxed style that is suited for everyday use. Nevertheless, do not be too simple because it might make you look lazy and untidy. Consider having the best simple outfit you have on your wardrobes such as a shirt or crop top with a pair of jeans.

Wearing a floral crop top combined with denim will look casual. Don’t forget to add a belt, high heels and a shoulder bag. Floral crop top with denim from styleoholic.
This look is very charming with a floral crop top and distressed denim pants. Slippers and a handbag complete your look. Floral crop top with distressed denim from styleoholic.
With light blue culottes and beige shoes, you can mix them with a floral crop top. Nude high heels complete the look. Light blue culottes and crop top from styleoholic.
Wearing casual denim shirts and pants has a relaxed style that is suitable for daily outfits. High heels, a handbag, and sunglasses complete the look. Denim shirts and pants from stylecraze.
This denim shirt has a casual look but is still relaxed if you mix it with denim pants and knee-length boots. Denim shirt from stylecraze.

Take it Easy

Just like its name, you do not need to go that hard on the clothes selection because it will ruin the casual look. You will not be wearing your formal outfit such as a suit, blazer, or a gown because those are far from casual. Think about what would you wear on a nice, relaxed day that offers comfort the most.

Wear a gray and white striped casual shirt, ripped jeans and slip on for a light and stylish look. Gray and white striped from fancyfantacy.
For a casual look, you can simply wear a white top with a denim jacket on top. Pair it with jeans and leopard print slip-on shoes for the perfect casual look. White top with a denim jacket from fancyfantacy.
Green T-shirt tucked into black jeans. The look is finished thanks to sunglasses, sneakers and a shoulder bag. Green T-shirt and black jeans from fancyfantacy.
A striped cardigan paired with a black tank top and denim pants for a relaxed look. Brown wedges and a shoulder bag complete the look. Striped cardigan paired with a black tank top from fancyfantacy.
A denim jacket looks tomboyish with a striped top and slim-fit jeans. It provides the most comfortable and most enjoyable. Denim jacket with striped top from fancyfantacy.

Simple Colors

You will not need to wear striking and stand-out colors too much. If you feel like it, wear it as your top wear only and then combine it with neutral-toned bottom wear. It is one of the essential tips of casual style inspiration to prevent a strange look.

The plaid pants are paired with a black turtleneck are the simple casual style but able to make your appearance not simple as you think. Plaid pants from livinglikelola.
These elegant brown trousers are perfect for you to match with a black tank top for a casual look. To sweeten your look, you can add a simple sling bag and patterned high heels. Brown trousers from livinglikelola.
Going casual with nude colors on clothes makes you look relaxed. The blush pink trousers give off an eye-catching look. Nude colors outfit from livinglikelola.
You don’t need to be hard with your casual style. If you prefer to wear a monochrome outfit, just layered your t-shirt with a denim jacket. For the bottom chosen, you can wear patterned boots and rock your casual style. Monochrome outfit and denim jacket from fancyfantacy.
In a casual style, playing a colorful accent is a big no. In this case, just wear your pastel sweatshirt and pair it with denim pants. The pattern accents on the slip-on shoes are enough to bring color to your casual look. Pastel sweatshirt and patterned slip-on from fancyfantacy.
For your outing day outfit, pair your ripped jeans pants with the pastel tops is a good choice. The calm look and simple look will make your outing day more enjoyable. To look match, you can choose the footwear that has same color with your top color. Pastel cardigan from fancyfantacy.

Mix and Match

Be creative by mix and matching your wardrobe items. A casual outfit is usually can be paired with any piece of cloth easily. If you decide to wear jeans, you can match it with almost everything, such as a hoodie, shirt, t-shirt, sweater, or crop top. A proper mix and match will bring you such a stylish look effortlessly.

Paired with a white shirt, this ripped jeans will look more casual. Flat shoes and small handbags make you more stylish. White shirt and ripped jeans from fancyfantacy.
White t-shirts, ripped jeans and shirts at the waist are one part that doesn’t make you bored and always looks elegant. White t-shirts, ripped jeans from fancyfantacy.
A white blush is chosen and paired with ripped denim for a casual and stylish look. It’s a great mix and will give you a stylish look with ease. White blush and ripped jeans from fancyfantacy.
Complementing the casual look with a sweatshirt and ripped jeans is the right match and give you an effortless look. Slippers and a sling bag complete the look. Sweatshirt and ripped jeans from fancyfantacy.
Oversized white jeans jacket paired with a white t-shirt and ripped jeans. Leather ankle boots make you more stylish. Oversized white jeans jacket from fancyfantacy.

An Accessory

Complete your casual outfit of the day with one or two accessories only. The perfect items for this look are usually a watch, hat, or scarf. Adding too many accessories on your outfit will only ruin your casual style.

Give your base a unique twist by adding a watch, paired with ripped jeans and a jeans jacket. Watch with ripped jeans from fancyfantacy.
Complete your usual outfit by adding a scarf to sweeten your casual office look. Polkadot scarf from stylishlyme.
Add a gold watch and bracelet to your casual outfit for an eye-catching casual style. Gold watch and bracelet from society19.
The watch is a simple accessory that very functional to complete your casual look even though you just wear a striped shirt and denim pants. Watch with striped shirt from society19.
Wear a baseball cap with a t-shirt dress to complete the casual style. This will look interesting for you to try. Striped baseball cap from fmag.

Get casually dressed in full of style with those casual style inspiration tips and enjoy your weekend!

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