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25 Top Men’s Dress Shoes Guides: Bye Fashion Faux Pas!

Are you ready for some formal occasion with your best suit? Hold a second and take a moment to make sure that you’ve sported your men’s dress shoes appropriately.

Popular types of men’s dress shoes vary from oxford, derby, loafer, chukka boots, dress boots, and Chelsea. There are, of course, certain rules to sport these dress shoes accordingly. Are you new to this? Then, here are some basic things you need to know about the dos and don’ts for your shoes’ preference.

Dress Shoes and Belts Must Be Match

Some of you might not take a deep consideration when mix and matching men’s dress shoes with your belt. But the fact is, no brown shoes look stunning with black straps and vice versa. The two don’t have to be in the same leather. As long as the schemes are the same, you’re good to go.

Match the color of the shoes and belt that you wear together to match the color tone of your current style. Black is a favorite color for men in formal and casual styles. Match the color of the shoes and belt from urbanmenoutfits.
The brown color in the shoes and belt provides its own color that attracts attention. You can wear chinos in a lighter color to make this belt stand out more clearly. Brown color belt and shoes from urbanmenoutfits.
Use the same material and color on the belt and shoes, black leather is the best choice that is environmentally friendly and lasts a long time. You can try this idea right now. Same material and color belt with shoes from urbanmenoutfits.
When you use glossy brown leather shoes, wear a belt with the same material and color. Skin is one of the most durable materials and is not easily damaged when exposed to water or sunlight. Glossy brown shoes with leather belt from urbanmenoutfits.
When you want to get a more memorable appearance, then you can use belts and shoes with dark colors. The white jeans provide a sharp contrast of color with the belts currently worn. Dark color shoes and belt from urbanmenoutfits.

Get Rid of Your White Socks

This is a common serious mistake most men do, pairing their dress footwear with white socks. No matter what the circumstances are, never wear white socks when you’re rocking your suit and dress shoes. Dark or black socks look better.

Avoid wearing socks with bright colors, as much as possible you can choose dark colors like black. Black is a neutral color that can be paired with shoes of any color. Black socks from urbanmenoutfits.
We recommend that the color of the shoes and socks that you wear have the same color and match. In this elegant male style, you can combine it with a dark suit too. Same color shoes and sock from urbanmenoutfits.
So that your elegant style doesn’t look tacky, then use neutral colors that are sweet and cool. The black socks that were worn together with the navy blue suit made a great match. Glasses are accessories that are easy to find. Black socks combined with navy blue suit from urbanmenoutfits.
Black and white in your clothes make a cool combination. Don’t forget to wear plain black socks and black leather shoes as a combination of comfortable and suitable footwear for you to try right now. Plain black socks and black leather shoes from urbanmenoutfits.
Classy office clothes will not be perfect without footwear, for that you can choose shiny leather shoes with black cotton socks that will protect your feet from being easily scuffed. Shiny leather shoes with black cotton socks from urbanmenoutfits.

Ankle Socks and Colorful Ones Are Big No

Besides white-socks faux pas, a dreadful step when it comes to socks is involving ankle socks and colorful pieces as you wear your fancy men’s dress shoes. Instead of short socks, pick a pair of dark cotton socks that are higher than your anklebone.

Wear high socks to cover your entire ankle in order not to show off and make your look more tacky. Just choose black socks and shoes as cool footwear. High socks from urbanmenoutfits.
Protect your feet from the hot sun by wearing long trousers and high cotton socks. Gray suit supports your appearance to look more casual and elegant. Long trousers and high cotton socks from urbanmenoutfits.
Socks that show a little ankle will make your office appearance fail, so you should wear high socks that cover them well. Black is my favorite color. High black socks from urbanmenoutfits.
Choose high socks that fit your feet to make them more comfortable when used. Choose socks and shoes of the same color, for example, black. A tote bag is a right accessory. Socks that fit well from urbanmenoutfits.
To get a good look with your dress shoes, avoiding ankle socks is a good idea. If you wear chukka boots in black color, better for you also choose the middle socks in black too. The same color between the shoes and sock will make your appearance more stunning. Black chukka boots from urbanmenoutfits.

Incompatible Dress Shoes and Suit

As you are prepared for a formal party, you are ready with your crisp white shirt, a fitted black suit, and a Windsor tie. That perfect look might ruin because of a pair of brown dress shoes. If your suit is all black, then black oxford or derby is more compatible. Brown men’s dress shoes only look good with dark grey or navy finery.

This sounds good if you can look match between your outfit with your dress shoes. Going to the party with navy suits and paired with brown leather derby dress shoes will make your whole appearance looks good. If you avoid an overwhelming look, the bow tie is suitable for you. Brown leather derby dress from urbanmenoutfits.
Casual style in men can be complemented by socks and shoes of the same color and material. Wear a plain shirt for a different, brighter color. Casual style with socks and shoes of the same color and material from urbanmenoutfits.
The all-black suit, socks and oxfords combined with this plain cotton shirt are a style for men’s formal wear that you can try. Black Oxfords are suitable for all suit colors so that they are a favorite footwear. All black suit and oxford from urbanmenoutfits.
Instead of a black suit with another color, such as gray. Brown leather shoes are suitable and appropriate footwear. Match the color of the tie with the suit you wear. Gray suit with brown leather shoes from urbanmenoutfits.
The gray cotton suit will look even cuter when paired with brown leather shoes. Choose a plain shirt and tie that has the same color as the shoes you are currently wearing. You can try this appearance when you go to the office. Gray cotton suit with brown leather shoes from urbanmenoutfits.

Worn-Out Shoes

You might splurge your money on fancy outfits and stylish accessories, but you don’t highly appreciate the importance of shoes on the overall look. Believe that people will notice your old or worn shoes. Therefore, never hesitate to invest in the best quality footwear.

Avoid wearing worn leather shoes, you can wear a leather oxford with a color that matches the suit you are wearing. Brown is a sweet oxford color choice that you can try. Brown leather oxford from fashionhombre.
The right choice for footwear that match when you wear a gray suit is brown shoes with the main material of leather. This material will be more durable and not easily damaged when exposed to water or sunlight. Gray suit with brown shoes from fashionhombre.
Don’t spoil your elegant style with worn shoes and faded colors. You can choose brown suede shoes, suede makes your look even more chic and casual. Suede brown shoes from fashionhombre.
You can choose shoes that are equipped with laces or not, both of which are the best choices that you can wear during formal and non-formal events. Keep your shoes clean and shiny. Formal shoes equipped with laces from fashionhombre.
Shoes that have a matching color with the tie make the appearance of a casual man more elegant, then you can combine a gray suit with a white cotton shirt that doesn’t make you feel hot. Match the color of the shoe with the tie from fashionhombre.

Now that you’ve read the simple rules on wearing men’s dress shoes, save yourself from committing the common footwear blunders. As George Frazier stated, “Wanna know if a guy is well dressed? Look down.”

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