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Get Dressy for an Outing Day with the Girls

Nail your dressy outfit of the day while having fun on your girl’s day out with these simple and stylish style ideas!

Having your best friends around and hang out with them is the most fun things to do in your free time. You can do everything that you have been longing for so long such as going on a picnic or movie, clubbing, or just having a meal outside. To complete your day and boost your mood more, choosing the right outfit is essential. Here are some ideas for you to get dressy and have more fun with your girl besties.

Summer Dress

When it is the summer season, you can perfect your look to match the sunny weather with a summer dress. It brings a cheerful and vibrant ambiance that will shine your positive aura. Enjoying a beautiful outing day with your friends will be so much fun.

Bright Color Mini Dress from styleoholic
Shiny Glitter Mini Dress from styleoholic
V-neck and Ruffle Dress from styleoholic
Sheer Floral Maxi Dress from stylemotivation
Tiered Maxi Dress from stylemotivation
Off Shoulder Floral Maxi Dress from stylemotivation
High Slit Maxi Dress from stylemotivation
Sabrina Floral Maxi Dress from stylemotivation


Denim can always give the best look. You can wear it either as your top wear such as a denim jacket or shirt or as bottom wear such as pants or skirt. If you feel like a matching outfit, rocking an all-denim from the bottom to the top will also offer a high fashion look.

Hole Denim Pencil Pants from outfittrends
Flare Denim Pants from outfittrends
White Color Denim Pants from outfittrends
Short Denim Culottes with outfittrends
Blue Denim Pants from outfittrends
High Waist Denim Pants from outfittrends
Denim Button Mini Dress from outfittrends
Denim Midi Culottes from outfittrends

Going Retro

Though it has an old-fashioned look, a retro style is still trendy and loved by so many people even nowadays. The aesthetic of it never fails to bring such a unique and fashionable image. You can quickly get dressy with full of style by rocking this look.

Floral Pleated Dress from sammydvintage
Polka Dot Midi Dress from sammydvintage
Black Matte Mini Dress from sammydvintage
Striped Top Dress from sammydvintage
Fold Sleeves Mini Dress from outfittrends
Bold Color Plaid Shirt from outfittrends
White Patterned Maxi Dress from outfittrends


Choosing a pair of sneakers for your outing day is the safest way to feel the most comfortable and stylish at the same time. It allows you to move around without feeling tired quickly and is flexible to be matched with any outfit and occasion.

White Sneakers with Trench Coat from stylemotivation
Elegant White Sneakers from stylemotivation
Canvas Sneakers with Lace Dress from stylemotivation
Black Matte Sneakers from stylemotivation
Suede Sneakers with Side Logo from stylemotivation
Sleek Silver Sneakers from stylemotivation
Floral Sneakers from stylemotivation
Stripe Motif Sneakers from stylemotivation
High Top Sneakers from stylemotivation
Bright Color Sneakers from stylemotivation

Short Bottom Wear with Baggy Shirt

If you want to rock a casually chic style, you can go with short bottom wear such as short denim or tight miniskirt and match it with a plain baggy shirt. Tuck in the shirt to make your whole-look neater.

Make your day more enjoyable by having the stylish dressy outfit and get super confident in your every step of the way!

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