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Looking Chic by Rocking These 25 Dressy Street Styles

Express yourself through fashion is one way to look confident. These dressy street styles will shine your chic and coolest self exquisitely.

Living in this era allows you to express yourself more, especially through the ways you dress. There are so many kinds of outfit you can confidently wear to look stylish. Choose your wardrobe items and slay streetwear is one way to look chic with a high fashion vibe. Follow these dressy street styles below to help you get the trendiest outfit of the day.

Crop Tee with Jackets

This combination never fails to give a simple yet fashionable look for anyone. It is not complicated and very comfortable, that is why it is easy to slay this look. If it is hot outside, you can take the jacket off and substitute it with another item such as an accessory.

Take a striped crop tee in your wardrobe then styling it with a bomber jacket and white trousers. Those outfit combinations are simple but stylish street-style outfit ideas. Striped crop tee and bomber jacket from styleoholic.

Skinny Ripped Jeans

If worn correctly, everyone can pull off a pair of skinny ripped jeans. They put you in the spotlight and embrace your curves. Furthermore, you can flexibly pair these jeans with any top-wear, footwear, or accessory. Skinny ripped jeans always give you a good look any time anywhere.

Wearing skinny ripped jeans will make you look charming. A colorful t-shirt, black coat, boots and gloves complete the look. Skinny ripped jeans from glamour.
Dark skinny ripped jeans add to the casual style. Paired with a white top, a cream coat and flatshoes shoes complete the look. Dark skinny ripped jeans from glamour.
These distressed ripped jeans provide a street style that is perfect for you to try. Skinny ripped jeans always make you look great anytime and anywhere. Distressed skinny ripped jeans from glamour.
Skinny jeans ripped, white top and plaid coat make you look great anytime and anywhere. High heels and a handbag complete the look. Skinny jeans ripped and plaid coat from glamour.
Black trench coat combined with ripped skinny jeans gives a charming look. High heels were added to complete the look. Black trench coat combined with ripped skinny jeans from glamour.
An oversized white shirt paired with skinny ripped jeans is perfect for a street outfit idea. This will give it a comfortable and stylish look. oversized white shirt paired with skinny ripped jeans from glamour.
Street outfit with distressed ripped jeans and white tank top for your favorite trendy outfit. White blazer and high heels are comfortable footwear to use throughout the day. Distressed ripped jeans from glamour.
Skinny ripped jeans and army shirts will make your street look perfect. Matching nude flat shoes is the right choice. Skinny ripped jeans and army shirts from glamour.
Casual clothes will look stylish with a combination of skinny ripped jeans, striped T-shirts and long coats. Sneakers are a highly recommended alloy for you. Skinny ripped jeans, striped T-shirts from glamour.


When it comes to dressy street styles, do not forget to choose the right footwear. A pair of boots is a wise choice to prevent a basic look of your streetwear. There are a lot of designs you can choose from. If you want to embrace your feminine self more, you might want to rock the ones with high heels or platform.

Pair leather boots with a mini dress and black blazer. A tote bag and sunglasses will complete your look. Leather boots from ladyfashioniser.
Combining suede ankle boots with a patterned mini dress can be a trend. So that you do not get cold, you can wear a brown coat. Suede ankle boots from ladyfashioniser.
This all-black outfit will attract people’s attention. Combining suede ankle boots with a maxi dress design and a leather jacket will make you look feminine. Suede ankle boots with a maxi dress from ladyfashioniser.
Wearing leather ankle boots can be combined with denim and a white t-shirt to make it look stylish on the streets. The black coat will also complement your look. Leather ankle boots from ladyfashioniser.
Have fun with white leather boots, ripped jeans, and leather jackets. This will make you trendier on the streets. White leather boots from ladyfashioniser.

Trench Coat

A trench coat is a perfect pick to look excellently stylish even though it is rainy and cold outside. It adds your sense of fashion and enhances a certain feel to your cool weather-outfit. Moreover, this item is never out of style, so you do not have to worry about not being trendy.

Trench coat is the right choice for a stylish look on the streets. Pair it with gray shirt, skinny pants, red flat shoes and a mini bag. Beige trench coat from styleoholic.
Trench coat with a striped shirt, black pants, black ankle boots and a black bag are the perfect choice for a stylish look on the streets. Bown Trench coat from styleoholic.
Long trench coat is the right choice to protect you from the cold. Striped t-shirts, jeans and pale pink sneakers will make you look stylish. Long trench coat from styleoholic.
With a white shirt, straight plaid pants and brown high heels you can match it with a long trench coat, so it will protect you from cold weather. Long trench coat with plaid pants from styleoholic.
Brown trench coat with black shirt, black mini skirt, beige flat and black bag will look trendy. It will enhance a certain feel to your cold weather outfit. Brown long trench coat from styleoholic.

Shoulder Bag

Let us not forget about a bag choice because it is as essential as the other items. It is a trending fashion accessory that is loved by both men and women. Whether it is a formal or non-formal occasion, a shoulder bag never lets you down.

This shoulder bag looks cool with a summer dress. They are perfect for both formal and informal events. Brown shoulder bag from therealfashionista.
This quality shoulder bag is perfect for going to formal and informal events. This is a trend that is loved by both men and women. Shoulder bag from therealfashionista.
Wearing this shoulder bag is quite profitable because of the current fashion trends. Its size allows you to carry all the items you need in just one bag. Black shoulder bag from therealfashionista.
Pair a black leather shoulder bag with a white outfit, and complete it with blue jeans for a casual look. Black leather shoulder bag from liveabout.
Carrying a shoulder bag is one way to make your appearance more street style. Combining it with high waisted denim and a blazer adds to the look. Shoulder bag from liveabout.

Impeccably dress for your everyday style is crucial for your good impression. Be the more stylish version of yourself by rocking those dressy street styles and get confident all day every day!

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